Farewell Letter

3552 Broadway NY NY 10031


Dear NYC Fitness Members:


We are heartbroken to say that we will be closing down NYC Fitness as of January 10, 2016.

Unfortunately, although we fought a good fight, we were not able to keep up with rising costs such as rent, insurance and competition. Even though we offered a family environment that our competitor cannot emulate, they have the luxury of being able to compete with us by charging $10 a month.

We poured our heart, souls, dreams and 14 years of our lives into this business and to the community it served.  Thank you all for supporting us all these years. We appreciate you allowing us into your lives in order to support your personal journeys.

We want you to know that we fought to stay open until the very end by negotiating with potential buyers and negotiating our lease.  The potential buyers did not want to buy into a gym that had such proximity to Planet Fitness.  We, therefore, stopped taking memberships and payments when we realized and accepted the fact that we’d have to close our doors for good.

Please note we will be sending refund checks to as many of our clients as possible.  For those members that have monthly due memberships, they have been cancelled.  Please be patient as we sort out this situation and process these transactions.  We have never experienced this before and are doing our best at handling this situation.

Please update your address, if you have not done so when you signed up.  We are sending checks to the addresses we have on file.  If you would like to update or confirm the address you have on file, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once again, thank you all for your support, understanding and cooperation during these extremely difficult times. You are a wonderful community and we’re honored to have been able to play a role in the achievement of your goals.  We wish you all the best.


NYC Fitness, Inc.  Management

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